About Cosimo's Restaurant Group

Cosimo's Restaurant Group is a family-owned business that gives the Hudson Valley its most popular and memorable regional Italian dining experiences. We combine Old World tradition with cosmopolitan flair to create distinctive, one of-kind restaurants.

Our Old World roots go deep. Our management team grew up in a family tradition where only the freshest ingredients were used, where delicious meals were created in spotlessly clean kitchens. This tradition represents the essence of our culinary philosophy: we rely on recipes that have been in the family for generations. This is our ancestral legacy. There's no room for second-best.

Each of our five restaurants builds on these essential qualities to create unique, sophisticated dining experiences that you don't expect to find outside the world's major cities. Cosimo's marketing concept has been called upscale New Age Italian, where traditional Old World values meet adventurous New World styles and cooking techniques - infusions of flavors and ingredients from Asia, the American Southwest and South America. Our storied wine lists include regional Italian and American vintages, along with selections from France, Chile, Australia and New Zealand.

It's been our mission from the beginning to provide dining experiences that transcend the usual, the ordinary or the expectable. We endeavor to provide our guests with a dining experience that can transform an evening out into an evening to remember. A visit to any of our restaurants is something to savor from the moment you open the door.

Though each Cosimo's restaurant shares a the same name, this no mistaking us for a chain operation. Each of our establishments retains its own personality, just as you'd expect from a family. In this day of pre-fab franchises, cookie-cutter decor and same-old-same-old menus, Cosimo's restaurants stand out for the individuality and sophistication of each restaurant.

Each restaurant in our family shares two fundamental qualities: an absolute dedication to culinary excellence and guest satisfaction. On those twin cornerstones, we've built restaurants whose design, ambiance and menus are as varied and unique as the flavors and geography of Italy itself.

We know that when you visit one of our establishments, you're looking for more than a meal. You're looking for an experience that touches all your senses. That's why we put so much forethought and effort into the way our buildings look and function. You'll recognize that effort in the striking exterior designs of our buildings, the warm, friendly and sophisticated "feel" of our interiors, as well as our enticing menus. At every turn, sensual echoes of Italy meet in unexpected confluences of modernity.

1089 Little Britain Road, New Windsor, NY 12553